The LCF Oilers, founded in 2012 by Darrell"Coach D" Eldridge, is a community basede organization intent on teaching young men and women the many attributes that help them become successful and productive adults. Discipline, honesty, teamwork and dedication
"Coach D"


​With 20 plus years of coaching experience and numerous playoff and superbowl battles and awards with two previous organizations, I founded the LCF Oilers in 2012 for our Inaugral season. Surrounded by a wonderful staff we were able to instill in our kids the values the program intends and have a blast doing it! We put two teams in the playoffs and created a new buzz around the league about the hard fighting, never say quit Oilers.  All the hard work paid off with three playoff teams and two Superbowls in 2019. followed by various tourney championships and awards. My philosophy is simple. I demand discipine and commitment from players and staff, while teaching a simple personnel driven gameplan. Winning is great and of course a priority but the work comes first in my book. With the commitment winning will follow and continue. GO HARD OILERS.......GO HARD